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Construction starts with planning, design, financing and continues.

Construction planning is the fundamental & challenging activity in the management and execution of construction projects. It involves the choice of technology, the definition of work tasks, estimation of the required resources and the durations for individual tasks and the identification of any interactions among the different work tasks. Generally, A good construction plan is the basis for developing budget and schedule for work.


A renovation is an update to an existing building or a return to a new condition.


The Property development includes a range of activities from the purchase of land.


Investing in residential property is always a great decision. Use the property as your new residence.

Final Plan Mockup

The Final Plan Mockup is to promote innovations in the construction process and to enhance the quality of the completed building.

Manisha Constructions is responsible for delivering much of the space requirements about the Project. Each project is comprised of many components, which are all skillfully coordinated by our staff. Project Managers here at the Manisha Construction will have decades of experience on both public and private in delivering high quality solutions for the built environment.

Property Sketching

Property Sketching usually shows a building footprint, travelways, parking, water lines, trails, lighting,etc.

Technical Rendering

Technical Rendering is the process of generating an Property from a 2D or 3D model techniques by means of computer programs.

Measurement Studies

construction measurements can be useful for purposes of managing construction, ensuring good quality during construction, improving the construction process.

Final Plan Mockup

The Final Plan Mockup is to promote innovations in the construction process and to enhance the quality of the completed building.

We are a construction accounting and financial management firm. As specialists in construction industry, we have a unique understanding of construction business strategies & financial results review and industry benchmarking. We've grown on the conviction that quality service must be provided to the construction companies and their owners should have a solid understanding of their individual business.

Budget Cycle

Reduce budgeting cycle time and eliminate spreadsheets

budget approval

Easily manage the budget approval process with multi-level workflow routings


Extend a variety of modeling tools to end-users and budget coordinators

Final Plan Mockup

Planning and forecasting for multiple future years

Services we offer

Property Development

The Present Situations of making property development is more complex than ever. The Property developers, Housing corporations, Investors , Development & construction firms all have to deal with chain integration, a smaller market and the difficulty of obtaining external financing.

Property Consulting

If you are planning to buy as part of the Property Consulting Services we help with the entire process starting from helping you make an informed decision on the property to buy, validating the property documents through all our legal consultants, verifying the GHMC guidelines & closing the purchase transaction.

Property Management - Rent / Lease

The quality of your business strategy determines the success of your property activities. We are specialize in delivering superior leasing, property management & rental services. Our property management team provides services that meet expectations of our owners while working with tenants varying needs.

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